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    Aims and Goals

    The overall ambition with SMS is to publish high-quality work within the broad field of military studies taking a multi-theoretical and multi-methodical approach. The press thus invites articles and monographs within the subfields of ‘military operations’, strategy, law of war, military management, military sociology and military history. SMS is largely practice-oriented. The three institutions behind SMS want the journal and book series to support the military profession by publishing manuscripts within both research and development.

    The three tracks are:

    1. Research articles published in Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies. Articles in this track must describe the outcomes of unpublished original research, and they should make a substantial contribution to knowledge and understanding within the broad field of military studies. Research articles must be between 6,000 and 8,000 words in length. SMS aims at getting SJMS accepted to the “Danish authority list” in 2019. All articles are in English and submitted to double-blind peer review.
    2. Practice-oriented articles published in the Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies. Articles in this track are written with the specific aim of improving some or more aspects of the military profession and/or the practice of soldiering. More so than research articles, that predominantly take aim at understanding or explaining phenomena within the broad field of military studies, practice-oriented articles are ultimately motivated by distinct prescriptive ambitions. Moreover, practice-oriented articles are often co-authored with representatives from the practice field, i.e. men and women in uniform. Articles published within this track must apply a stringent and systematic approach with regard to choice of method, research design and data collection. Submissions will be subjected to double-blind peer review. At least one of the two reviewers must be professionally rooted in the practice field. All articles are in English or one of the three Scandinavian languages. This track is mainly directed at the military profession and practice.
    3. Publications in monograph form. This track holds both research and practice-oriented publications. The monographs are published via the press website and are available for purchase in print.

    Press Team

    Chief Editors

    Peter Tillberg
    Director of the Swedish Centre for Studies of Armed Forces and Society, Sweden

    Kristian Søby Kristensen
    Deputy Director of the Centre for Military Studies, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    Anders McDonald Sookermany
    Institute of Military Leadership and Operations, The Norwegian Defence University College, Oslo, Norway

    Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen
    Royal Danish Defence College, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Lead Editors

    Thomas Crosbie
    Royal Danish Defence College, Denmark

    Vilhelm Stefan Holsting
    Royal Danish Defence College, Denmark


    Jens Bjering
    Royal Danish Defence College, Denmark


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